Book Signing Tonight!!

Dreamweaver Painting

If you are local, the Mulberry Public Library is doing a really neat book signing for me tonight!! At 7pm, there will be yummy coffee. I will be doing a reading from one of my favorite parts of the book. And, of course there will be copies there you can buy for $8 each.

There is a Dream Basket you can win too! If I sign a book for you, your name gets entered for the basket :). Also! If you take a selfie (picture of yourself) with my book and post it on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can enter for the basket!

Hopefully see you there!!



Do you like to read? There might be a writer in you!

If you’ve never jumped in a swimming pool, how do you know you can swim? Well, I guess you can waltz in by taking the steps and swim that way, but one of the most exhilarating feelings is jumping in a pool on a hot day.

You don’t have to worry about your back feeling the cold water and easing into the frigid temperature. You just jump in!

That is what I did with writing! Granted, I have a Journalism degree, but that only trained me to write short pieces of work. So, about five years ago, I decided to take the plunge.

I had a big incentive. I had been reading many Young Adult novels geared for teens and was horribly upset by the sexual content in many of the books. I knew there needed to be more safer options for teens to read.

Now, the only experience I had was from what I had read, so I started praying. Literally, as I wrote Dream Weaver, I prayed the whole way through it. It wasn’t easy, I will be honest. I got stuck, I got writer’s block, I couldn’t figure out how to write in a guy’s voice, many things sidelined my writing and I had to put it on the back burner, I got discouraged.

But, with the help of a lot of encouraging friends, and the Lord’s nudging, I finished the book!

All because I loved to read. And wanted to help give teens something safe they could read. If you are an avid reader, you may have a story in you! Think about it. Once you have an idea, get an outline written down of your story. Write out character descriptions, anything to help you get started.

Then, start writing!! Don’t allow fear to be your guide, pray like I did!! The Lord can help you through it. Be encouraged knowing if I did it, you can too.

Believe me, that’s saying something. Jump in, my friends, into the beautiful world of writing!


Dream Weaver is Published!!!

Here is the link for the print version of Dream Weaver!

Here is the link for the Ebook Version of Dream Weaver!

This has been an unbelievable journey and dream come true. My book, Dream Weaver is, finally, a published novel!  It is available on as of today!!

I think back on the people who walked with me through the creation of this novel. It all started with my long-time friend, Kaitlin P. as we sat out on my back porch dreaming up possible novel ideas.

Then, to my dear friend, Leah H., as I sat on her couch telling her my new story idea and different possible scenarios. Half-way through writing this novel, I met my bestie, Melissa S., who read the 120 pages in two straight hours telling me she couldn’t put my book down. I can’t forget how many hours we spent talking over character analysis’ and plot strengths and weaknesses.

I can’t even count how many times I called my sister-in-law, Mollie, needing encouragement and asking her if she was sure it was a good story. 🙂 Then, to my neighbor, Linda, when I gave up on finishing it, due to life issues, not letting me put the story out of my mind and telling me in so many sweet ways, I absolutely had to finish it.

To all of these people, thank you in a million ways. To all my teens who read the story and demanded me to write more, thank you! Those comments made this story happen and continue to happen!

When a literary agent told me I needed to throw this book in the trash, I nearly believed her. If it wasn’t for Anna, my little teen friend, I probably would have. But, she resurrected all of the sweet comments other teens have said about Dream Weaver with her avid encouragement.

So, thank you Kaitlin, Leah, Melissa, Mollie, Linda, Anna and all of the teens who have read my story. Without all of you, none of this would have existed. It would have been left as a daydream that only existed on a back porch.

Love you all!!!


The Drum Roll is about to Start!!!

drumrollGet ready to drag out your drums everyone, because Dream Weaver is about to be published! I am just waiting on proofs I sent to Amazon to be approved and Voila! I will have an official book! Woo hoooooo!

I can’t wait to move forward and start promoting this book and getting the word out to the world that Dream Weaver is an ebook and a printed book!

So, please pray with me that the Lord is honored in this endeavor and teens will be blessed and encouraged by reading this Young Adult Fantasy!

Thank you!!


Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her. ~Proverbs 8:10-11

Reader Spotlight!…Casey!


This delightful, smiley young lady was more than willing to talk over Dream Weaver with me. She brought not only her smiles but her wildly infectious good mood and went over her ups and downs of the book. Here are her thoughts:

Sofia~ What did you think of the concept of dream weaving?

Casey~ I loved it! It reminded me of how you can see what they are thinking. And how they interact with people inside their dreams. 🙂

Sofia~ Who was your favorite character?

Casey~ Wuz. I liked how he saved Ari and how he interacted with Gran. If he was in the part, I liked it. 🙂

Sofia~ What was your favorite scene in the book?

Casey~ The party scene! I liked how she had to dress up to get out of her comfort zone and so did he. 🙂

Sofia~ Was there anything in particular that grabbed you about Dream Weaver?

Casey~ It’s different from other books. Other books go from romantic to adventure, there’s nothing to connect the two. The spiritual aspect connects them in your book. It helps non-Christians to understand Christians. Dream Weavers have a bond with the Dream Maker, like we have a bond with God. 🙂

Sofia~ Who was your least favorite character?

Casey~Queenie and General Tom. The whole war is dedicated to them. They are the cause of the war. The General is lovestruck. He wants the Queen to love him and she does, but she doesn’t want to. 😦

Sofia~Did you learn anything about relationships in this book? Like with Cy and Ari?

Casey~ Not really. Cy confuses Ari. I feel like the Queen shouldn’t have pushed them together. But, that happens a lot in high school. 😦

Sofia~Where guys and girls are pushed together by their friends?

Casey~ Yes. 😦

Sofia~Wow. Were all your questions answered by the end of the book?

Casey~ No! There needs to be a sequel! I want to know what happens to Gran, I’d like to know more of her story and how she converts the Outcasts. I need to know what happens to Cy and Ari. And Del, too! 🙂

Thank you Casey for your interview! These thoughts gave me insight on which direction I should take as I write book two! I love your smiles and your happy attitude, and especially your thoughts on this book. Be blessed sweet friend!!


Reader Spotlight…Mrs. Katy Andersen!

katy-165x165One of my dear friends and a High School English teacher, Katy Andersen got comfy in a seat across from mine and answered questions about Dream Weaver, which she had just re-read. Many thoughts flew around our conversation, here are pieces of them:

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heartsBecome a Follower of this blog and every 20 Followers will receive a FREE printed copy of Dream Weaver once it is published! Now, I am at work now at getting it on Amazon now, so PLEASE be patient with me! But, I promise I will send you a free copy of my book.

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Happy Valentine’s Day and here’s much love sent your way!