Reader Spotlight…Brooke!

BrookePicBrooke, a 17-year-old, read a preview copy of Dream Weaver, my YA Fantasy, about six months ago. I sat down this week with Brooke and we had a chat about scenes she liked, agonized over and rallied against.

But, as I watched Brooke answer questions with her infectious smile and enviously long, brown hair, I kept thinking of one question I had to ask. “Can you see yourself in the world of Oneiro and in this story?” Her eyes lit up immediately and she answered, “Yes! I definitely can! It’s so peaceful there.”

So could I. She didn’t resemble any current characters, but maybe her adorableness will find its way into the pages of the sequel, we will see! 🙂 She also seemed to know the characters as well as I did, which I loved to see. And, she wasn’t afraid to love on the characters she loved and reveal the characters she didn’t like.

So, here is her scoop on the world of Oneiro and the Dream Weavers inside it.

Sofia: What is your favorite scene in the book?

Brooke: Well, I love the beginning of the book, and the development of Del’s and Ari’s friendship. I love the many scenes where he comforts her when her grandmother goes missing and is there for her. I also love the scene when Del tells Ari he’s bonded with her.

Sofia: Were there any surprises in the book, that made you say, Whoa!

Brooke: Yes! The bonding part was one. When it happened in the book, I was as surprised as she was! The revelation of Ari’s missing father was another. And also, when Ari went into Cy’s dream (Yes, folks there is a love triangle!) when she didn’t mean to. You threw a little twist in there!

Sofia: Who is your favorite character?

Brooke: Ari, for sure. And Del, too. I like their relationship and interactions.

Sofia: Who is your least favorite character?

Brooke: Cy and Ari’s mother.

Sofia: Why?

Brooke: Ari’s mother is greedy by trying to use Ari’s powers. And, it’s sad when Ari wanted a mother’s love, but couldn’t get it.

Sofia: And Cy?

Brooke: Well, I felt bad for Cy at the beginning of the story because of his past, but as the book went on I felt he was rude and I did not like when he tried to take Ari away from Del.

Sofia: Would you be surprised to hear that Cy is my favorite character?

Brooke: (eyes wide and laughs in disbelief) Yes! Why?

Sofia: Because I root for him. He is delivered the worst set of cards by being born into his family. And then, the Queen manipulates his feelings by planting images of Ari in his mind. He doesn’t stand a chance. His destiny is becoming a Darth Vador. But, I am rooting he can overcome that future. I am hoping he won’t be another Anakin.

Brooke: Ok, since it wasn’t his fault, I’ll give him some slack.

Sofia: Anything else you want to add?

Brooke: I like the reality of this fantasy. I like how it is biblical and practical and how it connects to our life. Weaving dreams is really different and I like it, I like it a lot.

Sofia: Thank you Brooke for this interview, would you like there to be sequel?

Brooke: I think there should be a sequel. (Smiles as she leaves)

Brooke, thank you for your thoughts on Dream Weaver! It was fun hashing out different parts of the story with you. Be blessed, my young friend!

Brooke’s Favorite Books:

Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers

Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Brooke’s Hobbies:

Reading, sports, hanging out with her family and church friends at church activities.


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